Friday, 28 August 2009

Exclusive Interview

I am all too aware that sometimes Maya's voice gets lost in all this blogging business, so I think it's high time Maya speaks for herself. Often, she sits in front of the laptop tapping away at the keys and when I ask her what she's doing she casts me one of her well-whaddya-think-I'm-doing looks and says 'I'm writing my blog, Mummy.' So yes, if the little lady could actually write, I'm sure she'd have a very different take on many of the things that feature in her blog. But, since she can't yet write, here's an exclusive, unabridged interview with the girl of the moment!

Please can you tell me your full name?

My name's called Maya Elizabef Narra-COTT

How old are you, Maya?

(Sticks 3 fingers up my nose) Free

Do you like India?


Why do you like India?

'Cos my best friend was there.

Who is you best friend?

Aanya. Yes, and Ashiswini and those 2 girls, Anou and Jaya. And Ashiswini. And Aanya.

Do you remember England?


Are you excited about going back to England?


Who do you want to see in England?

Mummy, let's go on a farm and see that boy.

Which boy?

The one on the farm. The one with the beard.

(Lots of headscratching from Mummy ensues. But we never get to the bottom of this one.)

What will we see in the airplane?

My best friend.

When we get to England, who will we see?

Nannie Liz. (Editor's note: This is her paternal grandmother)

Who else?

Nu-nu. (Ed: her auntie)

Anyone else?

Errrr....Granny Amma and Tata. (Ed: Maternal grandparents)

Anyone else?

(Very impatient look) No Mummy, that's enough people. I'd like to see a picture now.

Can I just ask you a few more questions?


Do you remember Godmanchester?


What do you remember about it?

No people there.

Is there anything else you'd like to write on your blog now?

Sweetcorn and olives.

What's your favourite food in India?

Dosa and besgetti (Ed: I think she means spaghetti)

What do you like about your school?

Because teacher Paula was there. Is called teacher Paula.

Why is she nice?

Because she's getting fatter and fatter.

Oh. That's not very PC is it?


Nevermind. Thanks for your time, Maya.

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