Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Maya's Leetle Lamb

After having written the other day that Lily is picking up some Indianisms, well she can't speak much yet whereas Maya obviously can and she's starting to come out with some brilliant Bangalorean talk. When she's in the mood, Maya sings so loudly and so vigorously that I feel sure she must be entertaining a far larger number than just her family. Latest in the Maya charts comes Mary had a little lamb. But in this song, 'little' is pronounced 'leee-tul'. And in the song she sung me today on return from school (I'd never heard it before), she warbled at top volume 'My God is sore wonderful', 'sore' presumably being her Indian pronounciation of the word 'so' as opposed to her God being in pain of any sort.

Whilst we're on the subject of the word 'so', the reason I've included the second picture of Lily having her cheek pinched is to demonstrate what both the girls have to contend with several times each day. Lily is completely blaise about it now whereas Maya still gives people a good slapping if they go near her cheek. The photo was taken at the weekend when we were just sitting there and I had my camera with me and suddenly a hand came in and SNAP! I got my photo. The cheek pinching is generally accompanied with words along the lines of 'Sorrrrrrrre sweet!' which is what reminded me of this and prompted me to include this little tangent in today's blog.

Oh, and talking of tangents, if you've read this far, please could you do me (or the Amazon I should say) a favour and click here to protest against the Brazilian government's legalisation of deforestation? Western superbrands (eg Tesco and IKEA) that we support are hugely benefiting from this. Have a quick read of the article and take 'cyber-action' at the bottom. C'mon, it'll take you five minutes. And I know I'm using Maya's blog as a soap box, but hey, it's her future.


  1. Hi, I am really enjoying reading your blog every since I stumbled upon it and love your perspective of so many 'Indian' things. I never realised that white skinned children get so harassed all the time - simply because our children dont attract more attention than any other child would ! Your writing has opened my eyes to so many things - chocolates at school, cocopops for breakfast ! - I get amazed at that one too, and 'sore sweet'! Keep up the great work Rebecca ! Am going to be a regular reader here !

  2. Great to see you're reading the blog Anitha! You've probably had a look at my reference to Monkey Maze again and seen that it's changed a little ;)
    See you soon