Saturday, 20 June 2009

Goldilocks and the three chocolates

When I went to pick Maya up from school yesterday, she pointed to her chocolate smeared mouth with a sticky hand. 'Look - gog-luck,' she said with her mouth stuffed full of the stuff and then grinned at me with brown teeth. Delightful. 'How many chocolates have you had, Maya?' I asked, none too happy that she's being given chocolate at school anyway (I know, I'm a mean, miserly mother). 'Three!' she quipped, sticking her fingers in the air. But 3 is most definitely her favourite number at the moment because of her recent birthday so I 'm doubtful.

When I asked Maya's teacher how she got on today, the reply was 'Oooh, Maya did sooo well with answering the questions from Goldilocks and three bears so we gave her some chocolates.' I sigh - they think I'm a nightmare mother as it is, particularly since I said I wasn't happy about Maya watching so much TV at her 'Montessori' school and they gave me that Come on lady, give us a break, your kid's only here for 3 months anyway face. So I zip my mouth shut, but just before we leave, I try to say in a jokey voice (though it probably didn't work) 'Not too many chocolates. ok?!' 'Oh, don't worry!' replies the teacher. 'We only gave her six or seven.' Six or seven? In my books, that's quite a few. No wonder Maya loves going to school these days, what child wouldn't if they're fed six or seven chocolates! I'm about to say something in response but then I just sigh again and think, oh what's the point. After all, dozens of people I've met here have advocated that honey would work a treat on Lily's teething gums (I bet it would) and that cocopops is considered one of the healthiest breakfasts available.

So I think I'll just have to take off my chocolate police hat whilst we're here. Oh, and could somebody please book Maya in to see a good dentist when we're back at the end of september too? Ta very much.


  1. Oh well, you were looking for a solution to her not liking to go to school .... Sounds like this is a good one!

  2. Yes, you're right Fran. I'd rather she enjoyed school and had some chocolate along the way than the daily struggle and tears to get her there! Think I just need to chill on the chocolate front!