Saturday, 27 June 2009

Cooler climes for an English Rose

Yesterday, Maya was in raptures because it was cool enough to wear a cardigan to school. A cardigan! Now this may not sound very exciting, but our Maya is an English rose through and through. You may remember in an earlier blog that Maya announced that she didn't like the sunshine and has reminded me of this several times since. And each time I just look at her and think, oh dear. India is possibly one of the worst places in the world to have an antipathy to sunshine. But she does a very good job of hiding away from it under her sunhat. But anyway, this is becoming less and less necessary as it's definitely cooling down and the last few days it's actually been - joy! - on the chilly side.

I've always been quite fond of cardigans myself because my name means cardigan in Spanish (seriously) and happily oblige in her cardy fetish, getting her all kitted out. The photo above shows Maya earlier today with long sleeves and no hat, enjoying the cool air. I'm not sure where we'll be going next, but if Maya had any say in it, I imagine she'd ask for the Mongolian Steppes or the Siberian Plains or hey, just England in winter time. Then our English Rose could don multiple cardies to her little heart's content.


  1. I can understand how Maya feels. I moved from the East coast in the U.S. to San Francisco just so I could get a break from the humid summers (I can't even imagine how hot it gets in India)

    My pasty white skin thanks me every day. Hope Maya enjoyed her cardigan!

  2. I'm a real cardy woman. I don't like it now it's really summer in England. I prefer to be wrapped up all cosy in cardigans rather than exposed in tee-shirts. Roll on October.