Friday, 20 November 2009

Exams for three year olds

Although I'm really sad to be leaving (have you gathered that by now per chance?), I think we might be leaving at the right time. Maya came back from school today with her exam schedule. Yup, that's right, EXAM schedule. And yes, she may only be three years old but if you think that's plain absurd, bear in mind that the children in the class below her aswell - we're talking little tots of two years old - are also required to swot up for the upcoming exams. Okay, so it may not be stretching stuff but nevertheless, this schedule was handed over to me with a mighty serious look and firm hand today and I had to muster every ounce of strength to not laugh. I mean, really.

These exams go on for an entire week and begin - very happily - the day that we are going to be catapaulted in a big tin can over the oceans when Maya's Mama will be clutching the seat at the slightest sign of turbulence and Maya will be either a) goggle eyed to the tv or b) vomitting which she often does in planes, trains and automobiles. So no exams for Maya. Though I've got to be honest and say that I think Maya would love nothing more than to participate in some serious exams. She goes into complete raptures even when she has some homework to do - I'm not even slightly exaggerating. I think this little lady is going to love school and everything that comes with it. Whenever I pick her up, we always walk past a gaggle of young schoolgirls in their neatly pressed school uniforms and Maya just turns round and gawps longingly after them, mouth wide open. Would you like to wear uniform, Maya? I ask her and she just sighs dreamily and says yes. Which is good, because she's going to be next september. Ohmygod - next september??? Where did the time fly by to?

ps - Photo above taken yesterday whilst she was helping me make soup. Maya loves helping in the kitchen and has taken to her tasks there as seriously as her studies. (Not sure how much help she is in the washing up department though, bless her, as she tends to dunk a bowl in, slosh half the water over the side and then plonk it on the other side, as dirty as before!)


  1. Gosh - and we think we over-assess in Britain!

  2. Love that apron!

    Exams? That is unreal.

  3. I am amazed - I think starting school at 4 in England is too early but toddler exams??? My youngest has just started but because she was only 4 in July she just does mornings until January which I think is a nice compromise.
    September will come round so quick for you though...then you are in 'the system'... eeek!