Saturday, 21 November 2009

Delicate matters

This afternoon we went out for a lunch at a lovely South Indian restaurant and Maya and I came a-cropper in the ladies room. Now, I don't want to go into great details of intimacies of the ladies room, but here it is in brief:

We are used to loo roll. And loo roll is more often than not, not used here. Indian readers amongst you, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the system used here....on the contrary, there's alot less paper wastage. However, what I will say, is that after almost eight months of being in India and I'm still not used to the spray thingumajiggy method. Many restaurants do have loo roll. But many don't also, and this particular one today didn't. And I had none on me. No problem, I thought, we're pretty used to this. But when I tried to....erm...spray Maya, I managed to completely miss and the water went all over her pants and trousers. And I mean ALL over her pants and her trousers.

'Don't worry, Maya' I tried to say cheerfully, 'it'll dry!' But she knew this was a plain fib, she was soaked and she was howling, poor love. So we went back up to the restaurant and there was only one thing for it: to strip. Now I'm not sure what the waiters made of this, but we hung her trousers over the railings so they could dry in the sun. We decided to draw the line at doing the same with the pants though. So Maya ate lunch in soggy undies. And Mama felt very bad and vowed to herself to aim better next time.

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  1. Poor Maya, what a dreadful situation. I know I would do something very similar, but probably all over myself. Actually I don't think I even have to be in India to achieve that. It's definitely more than probably likely to happen here. I hope lunch made up for it.