Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Jumping over paper planes with bangles on

Maya is into bangles in a big way right now. And obviously this is a good place to be into bangles, because the markets are full of them in all shapes, sizes, textures and colours. I bought a packet of gold and pink ones for her recently but rather than mix them all up, she likes wearing the pink ones on one wrist and the gold on another. Very organised is our Maya.

The second photo was taken when Maya was just a few months old, out for a walk in the sling wearing mini-sized bangles sent over by a friend in India and the third picture was taken at ten months where she's experimenting with them on her ankles and in her mouth! It's clear to see from picture two that Maya's mama is also quite partial to bangles and it seems that now both of us enjoy the tinkling, jangling sound they make when we move.

The other thing that Maya has suddenly taken to is....jumping! I remember a lovely kindergarten teacher I met at a wedding last summer telling me that when little people start jumping, it is a BIG deal for them. The transition from hopping to jumping is huge and that feeling of both feet leaving the floor at the same time is nothing short of exhilarating. It's funny isn't it - something we take so for granted. But seeing how excited Maya gets when she jumps, I can well believe this. There is a song she adores called Paper Planes - it comes from Slumdog Millionaire and whether or not you liked the movie, you have to admit it's a catchy song and something about it just makes you want to get up and jump! So that's exactly what we've been doing (the neighbours must seriously wonder about us...) and Maya has renamed it The Jumping Song! Curious? Listen to it here

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  1. Oh I just love M.I.A. Maya has fantastic taste in music. My daughter Reese is a Radiohead fanatic.

    Jumping is all the rage at our house right now...