Thursday, 16 July 2009

Blatant bit of self-publicity

I know, I know, I have a habit of elbowing my way into Maya's blog from time to time for a moan or a blatant bit of self-publicity. I've just asked the little lady if it's okay and she eyed me suspiciously but has agreed.

My article on 'Dealing with Insomnia' has just come out in The Green Parent magazine. Hopefully none of you have it so won't really need to read it, but just in case you're in a newsagents, you might like to have a quick flick. Click here to see the front cover so you know it if you spot it.

Also, have you ever googled yourselves?? It sounds like a highly ego-maniacal activity but yields most bizarre results. Actually, it was Andy that googled me the other day (yeah yeah you're saying) and it was a bit of a shock to see stories I've written up there which I have NO recollection of submitting! Ah well, I don't mind. It could well have been one of those long nights of insomnia that I'm on another planet and went on a story submitting frenzy. I don't blame you for a second if you feel like you read enoough of my words, but if you ever have the misfortune of sitting up late into the night, not being able to sleep you may like to look at these two stories. Click here to see London to Ladakh which is a true story and here for The Luncheon which is a figment of my warped imagination.

ps - Picture above - very random I know, but my latest thing is taking photos of peeling film posters. People think I am - in a word - nuts.


  1. Hi, Bex!!!, do you remember me, the baby bath tent and shambala??, i hope you do... rebecca told me about your blog and here i am, reading about your adventures in india, they sound great!!!, i can't believe maya and lily have grown up so much, it's amazing!!!, one year ago lily was just a little little baby, and now she's a little girl... i'm very happy to see how your dreams come true and i hope you're still writting your book,,, lots of kisses lily, maya, andy and you...

  2. Hi there - hope Maya won't mind if I follow along on her adventures. I follow Amanda (Brilliant Sulk) and Fran (Being Miss) and they led me here. I love your writing style ... and come to think of it, I could really use some tips on insomnia as well.