Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Parents have gone out

Over the weekend, Andy and I went out for the first time (hooray – about time!) in the evening. We went to a yummy Parsi restaurant round the corner from where we live and got Deepa to come over and babysit. When we left, Lily was asleep and Maya’s DVD was about to finish and so we were hoping she’d soon follow. However, this is the sight that greeted us when we came home a few hours later:

Maya, butt naked save for her straw hat, sitting at the table pouring over a storybook with chocolate smeared all round her mouth.

Lily, singing her heart out, being wheeled around on the scooter by Deepa.

Hardly the deeply sleeping little bambini we’d envisaged, but at least we got a night out! Maya, the little monkey, has got Deepa wrapped around her little finger and Lily is clearly picking up a tip or two from her big sister in our absence. Cheeky wee devils.

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