Thursday, 14 May 2009

Maya's baby turns one

On Wednesday it was Lily’s very first birthday. I can’t believe our gorgeous little girl is already one. We decorated the apartment with balloons and homemade decorations and had some of Andy’s colleagues around for chai and cake. Maya was almost throwing up with the over-excited anticipation of being able to gorge on cake and biscuits and was running around like a little headless chicken even before the sugar rush so we had no hope of containing her after it.

Both the girls were presented with lovely silver anklets by Andy’s colleagues. Lily had hers put on straight away and twinkle-toed her way around the room but Maya (being Maya), wasn’t having any of it. However, later on when she was distracted watching a DVD before bed, we shackled her into them (aren’t we mean) and she didn’t notice a thing! Actually, when the penny dropped that she was now wearing them, she actually decided she rather liked them and the tinkling sound they made when she walked. What she didn’t realise though was that we’d be able to hear her creeping around her bedroom for an eternity after ‘lights out’ and the boring parents kept ordering her to lie back down – no easy task for a toddler high as a kite on sugar and the desire to hear the fairy bells on her ankles once again.

Amusingly, Deepa was meant to come to Lily’s party at 5pm with her two little boys. By 6, we assumed she wasn’t coming but after Lily had been put to bed and was fast asleep, at 7.30 there’s a knock at the door and in walks Deepa, her sister and her sons (the 2 year old was slung over Deepa’s shoulder, fast asleep and upon arrival she just plonked him down on the sofa and he did not stir). Because they had come all the way to see Lily (they live an hour away), I could hardly say, erm sorry, Lily’s in bed (though this is exactly what I wanted to say!) so up Lily gets again and thankfully she was pretty unfazed by being dragged out of bed. Maya enjoyed running around naked making her anklets tinkle and sharing her scooter with Deepa’s five year old son.

On Saturday morning we are going on holiday for a week and there definitely won’t be internet where we’re going. And where are we going? Very good question…somewhere in the rainforest, at least I presume so, because it’s called Rainforest Retreat… I know I’m sounding a bit dappy and vague on this, but Andy’s sorted this one out and I trust in the hubs’ good taste to take us somewhere lovely! All I know is it’s about a six hour drive from here (gulp – any long car journey suggestions for toddlers – pretty please?!)

I’ll report back next week on how Maya and the rainforest get on. Till then, take it easy and have good weekends.


  1. Our favourite long car journey activity was a list of 20 things we had to spot on the way (make them likely ...) and a checklist to tick off when we saw them. Sounds boring, but it keeps their eyes peeled for the whole journey. Another way is colours: spot something green, spot something red, etc etc. Have a good trip.

    We have Maya's adventures as the page that opens first when ever we turn on our computer - its fantastic reading all your news.... we love it. Beautifully written Becks and a pleasure to read.... have a good holdiday in the rain forest.. Lola loves story tapes/cds in the car - I don't know if you have any but Lola listens to things so many times that she now says each line of the story a second before its read on tape! - xxx love Bex, Pablo, Lola and Otto