Tuesday, 1 December 2009


This is a very difficult post to write, and one that I wish with all my heart I didn't have to.

It wouldn't be right, or possible even, not to write about this since Deepa has been such an integral part of our experience in India.

Yesterday Deepa's five year old son Akilesh died.

If you've been following Maya's blog for a while, you'll know that Deepa is the lady who comes in every morning to do some cleaning and cooking and looking after Lily while I write. She is twenty-eight years old and a wonderful, gentle, calm spirit who works incredibly hard and is completely and utterly devoted to her husband and two little boys.

Akilesh went to school on friday, right as rain, but over the weekend developed a fever, was vomitting and had diarrhoea, so they took him to hospital and he was put on a drip. Deepa and her husband, Gopi, were about to take him home in the morning as he seemed much better but he had a sudden, violent epileptic fit (the first ever) and passed away. Sorry if this is unpleasant to read but, as I said, I really feel that I need to write this.

Akilesh was a gorgeous, bright-eyed, happy little boy. Over the months in India, Deepa has become a real friend to me and the truth is, I've never had a friend who's lost a child before. At least, not a friend of a similar age. We feel devestated, but of course our feeling of loss can be nothing in comparison to that of Deepa and Gopi's.

I just hope that in the next week before we leave I can be a friend to Deepa in some way as she has been to me.


  1. Oh that is so tragic...I'm feeling for you all and that poor poor lady. How devastating, words could never be enough.
    I am sending love and thoughts.
    It makes you hug your children even closer and love them even more (if that is possible)

  2. I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine losing a child. I know you have always written about Deepa with great affection, so I'm sure your family is hurting as well. Hugs and prayers from far away ...

  3. Thanks Loulou and Lesley, I really appreciate it x

  4. This is such painful news and I am so sorry for your friend and everyone whose life Akilesh touched. I wrote on my mumseekslife blog a lighhearted topic about the fear my four year old has suddenly developed of dying and now I feel a little ashamed.
    Take care and I hope your friend finds some peace and love and light from somewhere to get through this.