Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Downright weird

The other day we went for a walk and I noticed that a crowd of men had gathered and were looking in our general direction. Oooh, I thought, what's the interesting sight? And I looked behind me, only to see absolutely nothing before remembering that actually WE are the interesting sight. In fact, we're not just an interesting sight, we are a downright WEIRD sight. A family of westerners walking along the side of a busy road (I will never get used to the fact there are no pavements in Bangalore), and not only that but the children are being carried on the backs, the bigger child fastened to her daddy's back by something their wives normally wear. Honestly, if a group of three headed green aliens had landed I don't think they'd attract anymore attention than us. It's just as well that I'm quite short-sighted, otherwise I think I'd start getting paranoid.

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